Pledging as a Kickstarter thing. You pledge to give some funding to get a specific reward in return. If the campaign is a success, the money will be drawn and we will send you the game when finished.

To make a pledge you go to the Kickstarter page and click on the reward you like of those listed in the right column. Then add the cost for any extra Add-ons you like, then enter your payment details. Money will be drawn after the project ends, if it is successful.

Why Pledge now?

  • There is a big chance you will love this game if you like similar types of adventurer games.
  • The Kickstarter Booster pack, Forgotten Treasures, comes free!
  • The exclusive Buccaneers Booster can be acquired through the campaign.
  • This is the easiest way of getting hold of the game. There is a risk the game will be hard to get outside of the EU later on.
  • You have the chance of helping us turn a great product into an awesome one, by unlocking more content and giving feedback.
  • We need your support to finish this project! Our budget does not allow us to release the game and it will probably not be made unless the campaign is successful. We are resourceful, but not rich.
  • The game comes with a thank you note listing our backers.
  • You help Tina, a retired and disabled artist, reach a long term goal and an almost life long dream. (She began experimenting with board game development at a rather young age for some reason.)

The Pledge levels

All pledge levels giving the actual game includes the Kickstarter Booster, Forgotten Treasures, for free. This little gift to you is worth $18 if bought later on through our web shop.

The price for a pledge for a EU citizen includes shipping and VAT.

The Add-ons

Choose Add-ons you want. Write it down. Add the value of the chosen Add-ons to your pledge. If a pledge level give Add-on credits, those credits can by used to get Add-ons just as if you would have added extra money to your pledge. We will take your options through a so called Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter closes.

The cost of add-ons can be automatically calculated through the use of our Pledge Calculator.


The Promotion Sets

You can earn the available Promotion Sets just by helping us spread the word! If you cannot do that for one reason or another, you can buy them as Add-ons, though.

Use our Promotion Tool to earn Promotion Points and get the sets.


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